Strawberry mead: over the top

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So I got home today to discover that the strawberry mead had overflowed its carboy–not a volcanic eruption exactly, more like simmering cauldron.  Admittedly I had filled it up right to the bottom of the neck (a combination of the fact that I didn’t filter off much of the yeast from the fermentation bucket and the addition of the strawberries).  But the problem was that the strawberries had floated to the top of the carboy and were trapping the CO2 bubbling out of the mixture rather than letting it go through.  Strawberries rise to the top and their juices start coming out of the one-way valve on the carboy.

No major damage, just sanitized my tubing, stuck it in there to gently move the strawberries around and let the air out, and siphoned out a cup or two worth of mead (which I sampled, and enjoyed : ).  It is now an inch or so below the neck of the carboy and should be fine (I hope!)

On another note: next time, if I’m not getting them fresh, then I’m buying the frozen strawberries at Costco!

Strawberry Mead

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I started a batch of strawberry mead a couple weeks back (and I’m really excited about it!), mostly following the recipe given in the second post on this forum.

The noticeable differences included adding the strawberries after the primary fermentation; in other words, I didn’t just dump everything in the bucket and let it go–I made a batch of plain old mead, then racked it onto a bunch of strawberries (10 lbs, not 14 as the recipe calls for). The strawberries were more expensive than I anticipated, but I think they’ll be worth it.

I also used two packets of yeast (Red Star champagne) and about 14 lbs of honey–more of both than I usually do–and added yeast nutrient.  I think this explains why the fermentation was done in about two weeks, much shorter than I am accustomed to.  Another small change is that I used bottled distilled water, not tap water.  I think this will keep the flavor a little bit more pure (or not, but it’s worth the 4 dollars or so to get the purest water).


Started: 6 January 2010

First rack: 25 January 2010 (onto strawberries, in carboy)

A blog about mead

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I’ll be making posts here to catalogue my endeavours brewing wine made from honey water: also called mead.  It is both for the wandering homebrewers and for a personal journal about my failures and successes.  Hopefully I can keep this updated regularly; if not, I apologize.  There should still be some useful information around somewhere.