So first post about Chai Mead…I’m pretty excited about this batch.  As a general note, I think I’m going to make a page for each batch of mead that I make to keep track of all of them.  Just a thought, I think having posts tagged appropriately with the right batch of mead might be enough to keep track of each batch.  Any thoughts?

Chai mead was made with Bee Well wildflower honey, typical amount of honey (approximately 12 lbs, I usually get 1 gallon plus 1 quart of honey from Bee Well when I stop by).  I basically brewed a small pot of chai mead with some looseleaf tea that I got from Whole Foods a while back, then took that strongly-brewed pot and threw it all (tea included) into the must bucket with the honey and water.  I let it all get to a “warm” temperature (something mostly subjective at this point) and pitched the yeast.

The mead is smelling/tasting great, but the only holdup has been with the cloudiness of the mead.  For the first time I’m trying out a clarifying agent (see previous post) to make it more clear before I bottle it.  Currently I have let it sit for a while, tonight I added the potassium sorbate (to stop the reproduction of the yeast, now a required step with every batch to prevent bottle bombs) and later this week I’m going to add the clarifier before I bottle it.  I’ll post when I bottle to see how it went.


Started: 1 September 2009

Rack 1: 29 September 2009

Rack 2: 18 November 2009

Rack 3: 3 January 2009

Potassium Sorbate added: 8 February 2009