I went back to Thomas Creek (see new link on the sidebar) for some supplies that I thought I would mention:

1) I plan to use a clarifying agent to make the chai mead clear…it’s been sitting in the carboy for a while and hasn’t gotten clear enough for my tastes, so I’m going to make it clear.  I may post about what kind of agent I’m using later, but for now I’ll clarify only that I know it’s a gelatin-based clarifier, not a clay-based clarifier (correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe those are the two main kinds)

2) I’m changing my sanitizer as well, away from the iodine-based sanitizer.  I think the iodine may be leaving some residue that is throwing off the flavor of the mead, especially with my plastic tools.

3) I bought a bottle brush!  Finally, the most annoying step of the whole process will hopefully be made a lot easier.  Cleaning and sanitizing the bottles is the most annoying but at the same time most necessary step…the brush will help that, hopefully.