I’m currently on a road trip to the Northeast to visit some family and friends, and before I left I decided that I would make an effort to bring back something to put into a batch of mead: I’ve got an empty fermenting bucket and I’m behind on starting my next batch (strawberry mead was started what, 2 months ago?).  So in Rhode Island, I ask my relatives about maple syrup season: and guess what?  It is the perfect time of year and they know a guy who runs a sugar shack.

So we head to the sugar shack, and I throw down about $100 on enough maple syrup to do up a 5 gallon batch (I think).  I’m going to be really careful with it, and probably cut down on the size of the batch just to make sure.  But this maple syrup smells delicious, and we’ll see how it goes!  I’ll post later about the actual start of the batch.