Busy night: Rural Glyn!

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So this Rural Glyn is turning out amazing.  After I added a second packet of yeast the fermentation was going very excited and bubbly–I may not have needed that extra packet, in retrospect, maybe it just needed an extra day or two to get started?  Worth trying the second time around: I think that the maple syrup may not provide as many nutrients for the yeast to really get going really quickly, so maybe more patience is necessary.

But regardless, as I mentioned, this mead is super tasty.  I have some extra syrup and vanilla beans on hand in case I needed to add anything, but I left it as is–I couldn’t detect any flavors that I wanted to enhance in this first rack.  I am very excited about how delicious it is going to be.  Recording some stats:

  • Started: 8 March 2010, 9:00p
  • First rack: 5 April 2010, 9:53p

Strawberry Mead: still delicious

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I racked strawberry mead into a fresh carboy, partly because I need an empty carboy for the rural glyn anyway, but I am also a bit behind on racking this one.  It is amazing and delicious and I will probably re-try the same recipe, I dunno if I’d even change anything in it.  Next time I touch it I’ll probably add the potassium sorbate to neuter the yeast and then add a clarifier.  Bottling soon after.

  • Started: 6 January 2010
  • First rack: 25 January 2010 (onto strawberries, in carboy)
  • Second rack: 14 February 2010 (off of strawberries, in carboy)
  • Third rack: 5 April 2010 (starting to clarify, in fresh carboy)