I got some new equipment for bottling (long time coming, really): a bottle filler, which is really a tiny spring-loaded spigot at the bottom of a tube, a clamp for the tube to stop the flow if necessary, and a clip that holds the racking cane to the side of the bucket/carboy.  It really helps out a lot to have these things–I tried to cheap out earlier on and not buy them, but the whole kit was maybe 10 bucks, so I was just trying to cut corners and it didn’t work out.  Anyway, all said bottling the strawberry mead was very easy.

The strawberry mead is a bit drier than I wanted, but I didn’t back-sweeten with any more honey, so I suppose that’s my own fault.  I kind of like them a bit dryer anyway, and the taste is delicious.  I am okay with leaving it for longer, though, and let it really ripen.  It has a beautiful golden-pink color.  Final stats:

  • Started: 6 January 2010
  • First rack: 25 January 2010 (onto strawberries, in carboy)
  • Second rack: 14 February 2010 (off of strawberries, in carboy)
  • Third rack: 5 April 2010 (starting to clarify, in fresh carboy)
  • Bottled: 8 May 2010 (after potassium sorbate to impede any living yeast and a clarifier)