A little late on the posting, but I wanted to make sure that I logged some racking/bottling that I did.

1) On the 29th of July I racked the agave mead, backsweetening with about 2-3 lbs (about a 1/4 gallon) of clover honey.  Fermentation definitely restarted and I got to watch it in the carboy like I did in the old days before I got a bucket for primary fermentation


  • Started: 16 May 2010, 8:27p
  • 1st rack: 29 July 2010 onto 2-3 lbs of clover honey

2) On the 7th of July I bottled the maple mead and it is truly amazing already, can’t wait to see what happens when I let it age for a year or so.  Not very bubbly, which would have been nice, but very sweet and kept a very strong maple flavor.


  • Started: 8 March 2010, 9:00p
  • First rack: 5 April 2010, 9:53p
  • Second rack: 16 May 2010, 7:39p (with potassium sorbate)
  • Bottled: 7 July 2010, after using a clarifier