I racked the POM and decided that it would be super-delicious if it had some cinnamon in it, so I did.  Stats:

  • Started: 18 June 2010
  • 1st Rack: 5 August 2010 onto 2 lbs clover honey
  • 2nd Rack: 27 September 2010 onto 9 long sticks of cinnamon

And I racked the Thanksgiving Mead #2, perhaps a bit prematurely (3 bubbles/min in the airlock), but it has been a slow fermentation anyway and I didn’t think it would hurt to oxygenate it a little bit if that would speed it up a touch.  Totally forgot about adding the citrus-yness, but there’s still time.  I think I will hold off anyway, though, just to see how it goes.  And darnit I forgot to taste-test it, so my fault there, but so it goes.  I still have confidence. Stats:

  • Started: 1 September 2010
  • 1st Rack: 27 September 2010 into carboy