Part 1

So the agave mead went all a-splody on me…in other words, I opened a bottle of the agave mead that I bottled a month or so ago (zounds! just did a search and I never recorded on here: September 21st) and it started foaming over a LOT and got all over my pretty hardwood floors.  Good thing I have an “accidents” tag on here.  What happened was that I failed to add both the Potassium Sorbate (the yeast-neutralizer) and the clarifier (a gelatin-based thing that makes it look all clear) because in my naivete I assumed (yes, ass-u-me-d) that since it looked clear and the airlock wasn’t popping that it was fine to bottle regardless.  I won’t make that mistake again!

The solution was to take a bunch of it (read: 9 bottles) to a party that I went to and promo my mead as much as possible.  It went fast and delicious…it was old enough (pushing 7 months) and a delicious recipe anyway so it worked.  It was served chilled in place of the white wine and was amazing–just bubbly enough, not too sweet, unique flavor.  I want to try it again but not fail at the preservation step because I am very curious what it would have tasted like a year from now.

Part 2

With that in mind, I added potassium sorbate to the POM#2 yesterday to neuter the yeast and today I stirred it a bit and added the clarifier.  I do not want it to end up like the Agave Mead: thoroughly enjoyed, but before its time.  Unfortunately I think I overdosed on the cinnamon (i.e., I snuck a little for myself and tasted it) but it is still really tasty.  I think the Tulip Poplar flavor will come through regardless so the idea of keeping it simple still applies…it’s just not technically a POM anymore.  I think I’ll still call it that for simplicity.