Okay, I don’t want to overload all of the mead-ia (that’s a terrible pun I just thought of, and you can blame the mead) in one post, but I did take some video and pictures of my mead in progress and I thought I’d go ahead and post the pictures so you can see it a little how it works. Note, this post is also the first post to have media in it, so bear with me as I get used to how wordpress handles it. My next post should hopefully have some youtube videos.

First, a picture of the Thanksgiving Mead #2:A carboy full of 5 gallons of Thanksgiving Mead













Second, a picture of the POM#2, which (see previous post! -ED) actually tastes very cinnamon-y: A 5-gallon carboy of Plain Old Mead, second attempt












(PS: note the dinosaur poster which is in my basement and I’ve owned since I was maybe 8 years old)