So I racked the purple starthistle batch and it is pretty heavenly.  Strangely not very dry, but it goes down very smooth and the raisins added a very nice kind of fruity/floral undertone to the batch, and the natural flavor of the honey really comes through.  However, while racking it, what do I find in the bucket?  The stirring spoon!  Whoops, I plan to re-name this batch the “Spoon Mead”.  Did I mention that it is delicious?



Anyway, here is a picture of the three meads that I currently have, the Tgiving Mead #2 on the left (just added potassium sorbate today), the cyser in the middle, and the Spoon Mead on the right.





Stats for Spoon Mead nee Purple Starthistle:

  • Started: 4 October 2010
  • 1st Rack: 9 November 2010

Stats for Tgiving Mead#2

  • Started: 1 September 2010
  • 1st Rack: 27 September 2010 into carboy
  • 2nd Rack: 22 Oct 2010, without spices into carboy
  • Yeast killed: 9 November 2010, (actually there are a fair amount of spices)  with Potassium Sorbate