So I just finished bottling the cyser (apple cider mead) and boy I wish I had gotten one of my friends to help like I usually do. Cuts the workload significantly. Oh well, still got it done. There was definitely more cruft (extra junk that had settled to the bottom) than any other batch of anything I’ve ever done…I imagine it was mostly the fibers and meat part from the apple cider.  It left me with much less mead than I expected (24 beer bottles and 6 wine bottles), but it is delicious and I will just have to let it wait to get better. It definitely isn’t perfect yet, especially right out of the carboy, but I’ve read that ciders take longer to age than straight meads or especially wine.  Here are some pictures of the extra junk at the bottom:

Cyser just before bottling

The very bottom junk in the cyser




And the final stats:

  • Started: 8 October 2010
  • 1st Rack: 24 October 2010
  • 2nd Rack: 21 November 2010
  • Bottled: 31 Dec 2010 (after potassium sorbate and gelatin-based clarifier)