So the bubbling didn’t start after 48 hours so I gave it a raucous stirring 2 days after. Still no fermentation, I let it go for a few more days (1 week in fact) without any bubbling. There was evidence of a little CO2 coming off, but not enough once every minute or two–i.e., my attention span. I added 5 tsp of the yeast nutrient (as I expected I would) on the 24th and let it go for a few more days: still no activity. Or so I thought.

Yesterday (Saturday the 26th) I take matters into my own hands and decide to re-start with more yeast, which I prepare according to the package. I go to lift up the lid and realize that I didn’t actually re-secure the lid on the bucket, so it was really just resting on top. Hopefully it remained hermetic, that seal is still pretty secure I imagine, but more importantly I realize that fermentation probably had started back when I added the nutrient, but who knows. I added the yeast anyway, gave it a rigorous stir, and now it is bubbling happily.

Stats, for the record:

  • Started: 16 Feb 2011
  • Re-started: 26 Feb 2011 (with 1 more packet Red Star champagne yeast and yeast nutrient)