Just wanted to post about some yeast websites that I’ve been looking at for future reference. I’ve read some mead recipes using “Montrachet” yeast and I hadn’t heard of it before, so I searched for it using Google.

First useful site is at Grape Stomper.  I use Lalvin yeasts frequently, so its breakdown (a list of recommended strains and characteristics of each) for some of the different varieties is helpful. It also gives a short description of each strain which is helpful. Not for mead specifically, but you know…in general.

Second is the discussion in this HomeBrew Talk thread about the right yeast for a cider. If you remember my cyser, I used a Wyeast Sweet Mead yeast (that has worked out very tastily!), but their comments on the Montrachet yeast leads me to respect it perhaps over a champagne yeast. But maybe something else entirely? I think I’m reading too much about non-mead yeasts. Just some thoughts.