Tonight I racked Lemon Ginger#2 and Cranberry, both are perfect! I’m working on this two-batch-at-a-time thing. Since I’ve made the processes more efficient, I can stand to do two batches at the same time. I think I can get more consistency and to better comparisons by doing it. Stats:


  • Started: 16 Feb 2011
  • Re-started: 26 Feb 2011 (with 1 more packet Red Star champagne yeast and yeast nutrient)
  • Racked: 21 Mar 2011 (no issues)
  • Racked: 25 Apr 2011 (perfect!)

Cranberry (I don’t know the exact date of the first rack, whoops):

  • Started: 10 March 2011
  • Racked: 30 Mar 2011 (?)
  • Racked: 25 Apr 2011 (perfect!)

And in REALLY bad news land, I broke my first carboy when I dropped it on the ground. Luckily I was about to rinse it out so it was empty, but may be a reason to start fully converting to plastic Better Bottle bottles, which I had already been considering. We’ll see how the Better Bottles do before I commit.