So in the effort to speed my brewing process, I bottled two meads tonight–the cranberry and the lemon-ginger#2. I neutralized the yeast and then clarified them simultaneously this week and bottled them, one right after the other. The cranberry is tart, as it should be–not sweet, but not too dry either. The lemon-ginger tastes remarkably similar to the first generation L-G, which is a good thing. As my roommates suggested on the last tasting, I think both would work well with a little Sprite or Tonic Water to make a spritzer–taking a little off the strength of the alcohol and adding a little bubbly sweetness. Anyway, all the bottling and tasting has made me drunk. I’ll post these final stats and call it a night!:


  • Started: 10 March 2011
  • Racked: 30 Mar 2011 (?)
  • Racked: 25 Apr 2011 (perfect!)
  • Bottled: 14 May 2011


  • Started: 16 Feb 2011
  • Re-started: 26 Feb 2011 (with 1 more packet Red Star champagne yeast and yeast nutrient)
  • Racked: 21 Mar 2011 (no issues)
  • Racked: 25 Apr 2011 (perfect!)
  • Bottled: 14 May 2011

(note: got two orangey meads on the way, and expect a post about starting 4 batches (that’s right, FOUR!) tomorrow)