Started two batches of mead today in preparation for a batch of probably blueberry mead. I’m going to pick a buttload of blueberries when they start coming out (probably in the next couple weeks) and do the same thing I did with the Simple Strawberry batches. Both batches use the same exact recipe and I intend to keep it that way in the future, aiming still for consistency. Recipe:

  • 1 gallon+1 qt Bee Well wildflower honey (from the 5 gallon tub!), approx. 14 lbs
  • Water up to 4.5 gallongs
  • 5tsp Fermax yeast nutrient
  • 1 packet Lalvin D47 yeast

As always, stirred it all up and let ‘er rip. Stats:

  • Started: 14 June 2011