So one of my brewing buckets has a leak in it, at the faucet at the bottom. Which means that this afternoon I went down to check on my two buckets blueberry-to-be mead and one of them was in a gently-drying puddle on the floor. An unfortunate accident but you have to move on. Lesson to learn: make sure that the valves at the bottom of my brewing buckets have been sealed as tightly as possible, and keep an eye on any possibility for leaking. I could probably do a better job of monitoring the mead (daily at least?) if a leak does start I can salvage as much of it as possible. I think this leak happened pretty fast, I’d been keeping a pretty good eye on these already.

If possible I can start using the brew buckets without a spigot on the bottom, too, unless necessary. The added convenience may not be worth it if those valves start losing confidence after a year or so. In short anything that might cause me to lose an entire batch of mead needs to be avoided if at all possible, and here it is possible I think. Brew buckets are cheap.