So I’ve got some pics for you about this peach mead I’m making. Basically I’m hyper-correcting for the mistake(s) I made on the previous (and first) batch of peach mead I made gosh two years ago? Has it been that long? Anyway, I want to get it right. So this time around I pitted, cored, cubed, pureed, boiled, and cooled the peaches before I racked the previously started “plain” mead onto the peaches. Pics of the process:








I used about 10lbs of peaches per batch, though I don’t think that will add quite as much peach flavor as I was hoping. I’m fine with undertones though. For the technically inclined, this mead brewed with fruit is called a melomel.

Stats (still two identical batches):

  • Started: 10 Jul 2011
  • First Rack: 30 Jul 2011 (onto 10lbs of peaches, pureed and sanitized)