I haven’t updated about peach in a while–I think that is accurate as I haven’t done much with the peach in a while. I’ve tried to add my usual gelatin-based clarifier to get it really clear but even after at least a month it did not get as clear as I’ve been trying to get.

One thing I’m pretty happy with is that I set out to make two identical batches and I have ended up with two identical-tasting batches. I haven’t been compelled with the actual taste yet (the honey is potent, the peaches are not) but it will age nicely.

  • Started: 10 Jul 2011
  • First Rack: 30 Jul 2011 (onto 10lbs of peaches, pureed and sanitized)
  • Second Rack: 1 Sep 2011 (off of peaches and yeast, mostly)
  • Bottled: 6 and 20 Dec 2011