Racked today the mole mead and the POM that I started at about the same time. (In the meanwhile, did a batch of a nut brown beer from a kit). The POM is tasty and plain (as it should be I guess!) and the mole mead is man WOW! Just spot on with the balance of the flavors and the slight spicy aftertaste and the sweetness of the honey and chocolatey of the chocolate. Maybe just a bit more cinnamon next time. Anyway, stats:

Mole Mead:

  • Started: 6 April 2012
  • 1st rack: 12 May 2012 (got rid of a ton of cocoa gunk on the bottom and all of the crushed chili peppers)


  • Started: 7 April 2012
  • 1st rack: 12 May 2012