So, a couple of thoughts on the strawberry mead for this season. It’s a late night of tasting mead and an early flight tomorrow so I’m not going to try to put together a complete post with stats and all that, but I do want to log some stuff before I forget.

  • Racked the two boiled honey batches onto 1.5 gallons of strawberries (took 3 gallons of strawberries, chopped, frozen, boiled, cooled, split in half, racked the two separate batches onto them)
  • EC-1118 tastes better than D47 and is still fermenting (1 bubble every 10 seconds or so). I conclude EC-1118 > D47.
  • Both batches are much lighter–I like the taste of the boiled honey mead, but there is less honey in each batch than usual. I account this change to the fact that I didn’t really measure the honey in the first place and there’s probably less than I usually add.
  • I kinda like the lighter flavor. I might have to be more careful in the future about how much honey I add. The lighter mead should work better with the strawberries too.