Aladdin mead

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So I’m giving you the best I can put together for a post about a special kind of mead I put together actually based on a recipe! It must have started in early June, so I’ll call it June 10th. I racked it a couple times and then bottled it. The recipe goes something like this:

  • Steep a spice bag with .1oz each: green cardamom, black cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, long pepper.
  • 10 lbs of honey
  • 46fl oz muscat juice concentrate
  • Add saffron to secondary (1 gram, and that’s still expensive)

So basically a lot of Islamic-inspired spices. I’m not happy with the strength of the spices–they were only steeped in a spice bag and that water was added to the primary. So I think it could have been stronger on all accounts, though you can always add more, you can never take it away. Stats, for what it’s worth, as accurately as possible:

  • Started 10 June 2012
  • Racked 27 November 2012
  • Bottled 4 February 2012


TIME TRAVEL post 2/4/2013

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And the last time travel post, for February 4th of this year, I have a few things.

Bottled Aladdin (already logged on another post specifically for it)

Bottled 5 o’clock (again, I’m comfortable with batches of reliable recipes being started and processed without logging them individually)

Racked mole. This post I’m surprised with. I know the recipe for mole is pretty reliable at this point (used the same recipe as the first one) but I wish I had logged the first one. I still have this in a carboy as of the time of posting (hypothetically April 20th), about to be bottled.

TIME TRAVEL post 11/27/2012

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For this day, I have three notes, racked Aladdin (already posted elsewhere)

Racked cider. I started cider? it hadn’t been racked? alas. I have to assume it was taking a long time to clarify. At any rate, it is now racked.

Racked 5 o’clock. It is true, by this point I am starting and working through batches of plain mead and 5 o’clock mead without logging them. The recipe is the same, the steps are the same, so I’m not keeping close tabs on them. So far they’ve all turned out wonderful.