I have travelled back in time to give you this post from what I should have done on August 14th. Lots of stuff I did:

Racked 5 o’clock mead. Note: I don’t know when this mead was started, because I stopped being diligent with my note-taking around this point. Anyway, it got racked.

Racked (something) onto blackberries and blueberries to get what I call, “Black and Blue”. Don’t know what the original batch was exactly, though it must have been a plain mead of some kind.

Racked plain mead of some kind.

Racked strawberry meads onto MORE HONEY. They were thin and needed some body, so I racked them onto some more honey. Seems to have worked, I think these two will age into something nice and refreshing. Not as strong/sweet/alcoholic as some of my other meads, but that’s okay. Often people find them too strong at first.

And I have one last note that just says “braggot”. Maybe I tried it and it was delicious? At any rate, it IS delicious and I love it now. Not fizzy bubbly like a beer but it does still get some bubbles and tastes exactly like you would imagine a honey/beer to taste.