Bottled: Pumpkin, Sweet Sweet Potato

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With the help of my two roommates, bottled the pumpkin mead (dry but with that really distinct pumpkin flavor…will be delicious!) and sweet sweet potato mead (so sweet! delicious! like you made frosting out of sweet potatoes and made it alcoholic). Final stats:


  • Started: 16 October 2011
  • First rack: 9 November 2011
  • Second rack: 20 Dec 2011
  • Bottled: 22 Jan 2011

Sweet Sweet Potato:

  • Started: 16 October 2011
  • First rack: 9 November 2011
  • Second rack: 20 December 2011
  • Bottled: 22 Jan 2011


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I haven’t updated about peach in a while–I think that is accurate as I haven’t done much with the peach in a while. I’ve tried to add my usual gelatin-based clarifier to get it really clear but even after at least a month it did not get as clear as I’ve been trying to get.

One thing I’m pretty happy with is that I set out to make two identical batches and I have ended up with two identical-tasting batches. I haven’t been compelled with the actual taste yet (the honey is potent, the peaches are not) but it will age nicely.

  • Started: 10 Jul 2011
  • First Rack: 30 Jul 2011 (onto 10lbs of peaches, pureed and sanitized)
  • Second Rack: 1 Sep 2011 (off of peaches and yeast, mostly)
  • Bottled: 6 and 20 Dec 2011

Bottling cyser

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So with the help of two very eager neophyte roommates I got the 8 gallons or so of cyser bottled and they are just awesome! One is a bit sweeter than the other but they already taste great, and they clarified very quickly. Probably the fastest brew->bottle batch I’ve done yet. Stats:

  • Started: 18 September 2011 (yeast on 19 Sep 2011)
  • 1st rack: 4 October 2011 (added 1.5 tsp pure vanilla extract)
  • Bottled: 2 November 2011


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Bottled two batches of mead today! The Chai3 is more cardamom-y than the other two but still delicious. Sometimes, in a batch, I like the actual mead part. Sometimes I like the spices/additions. In this batch, I’m not so happy with the actual mead part but the spices/additions are just about right. As always, I’m going to give it time. Stats:

  • Started: 11 Aug 2011
  • First Rack: 1 Sep 2011
  • Bottled: 10 Oct 2011

And for the blackberry, the same applies. Delicious, of course, but I think it is still too dry.

  • Started: 11 Aug 2011
  • First Rack: 1 Sep 2011 (off of blackberries)
  • Bottled: 10 Oct 2011

Two down, two still going

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So in the effort to speed my brewing process, I bottled two meads tonight–the cranberry and the lemon-ginger#2. I neutralized the yeast and then clarified them simultaneously this week and bottled them, one right after the other. The cranberry is tart, as it should be–not sweet, but not too dry either. The lemon-ginger tastes remarkably similar to the first generation L-G, which is a good thing. As my roommates suggested on the last tasting, I think both would work well with a little Sprite or Tonic Water to make a spritzer–taking a little off the strength of the alcohol and adding a little bubbly sweetness. Anyway, all the bottling and tasting has made me drunk. I’ll post these final stats and call it a night!:


  • Started: 10 March 2011
  • Racked: 30 Mar 2011 (?)
  • Racked: 25 Apr 2011 (perfect!)
  • Bottled: 14 May 2011


  • Started: 16 Feb 2011
  • Re-started: 26 Feb 2011 (with 1 more packet Red Star champagne yeast and yeast nutrient)
  • Racked: 21 Mar 2011 (no issues)
  • Racked: 25 Apr 2011 (perfect!)
  • Bottled: 14 May 2011

(note: got two orangey meads on the way, and expect a post about starting 4 batches (that’s right, FOUR!) tomorrow)

Bottling process, blueberry

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So I took some video of the equipment I use and how I prepare for the bottling stage of the process. Check it out here:

Moreoever I got a good video of how the actual siphoning works and the hands-free process that I use to get the mead going. It’s pretty nifty all things considered:

The bottling was done on April 11th, so for the record here are the final stats for blueberry mead:

  • Started 13 Jan 2011
  • Racked 13 Feb 2011 + 1oz blueberry flavoring + 1lb wildflower honey
  • Racked 10 Mar 2011
  • Bottled 11 Apr 2011 + 1lb wildflower honey (dissolved in warm water first) (Potassium Sorbate was used to neutralize the yeast and gelatin-based clarifier)

Bottling Cyser

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So I just finished bottling the cyser (apple cider mead) and boy I wish I had gotten one of my friends to help like I usually do. Cuts the workload significantly. Oh well, still got it done. There was definitely more cruft (extra junk that had settled to the bottom) than any other batch of anything I’ve ever done…I imagine it was mostly the fibers and meat part from the apple cider.  It left me with much less mead than I expected (24 beer bottles and 6 wine bottles), but it is delicious and I will just have to let it wait to get better. It definitely isn’t perfect yet, especially right out of the carboy, but I’ve read that ciders take longer to age than straight meads or especially wine.  Here are some pictures of the extra junk at the bottom:

Cyser just before bottling

The very bottom junk in the cyser




And the final stats:

  • Started: 8 October 2010
  • 1st Rack: 24 October 2010
  • 2nd Rack: 21 November 2010
  • Bottled: 31 Dec 2010 (after potassium sorbate and gelatin-based clarifier)


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