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So I did a couple little things today and started a new batch. My first post here will highlight some tasting that I was able to do.

First, I’m adding Potassium Sorbate to the Chai Mead to kill off the yeast and I’m adding the gelatin-based clarifier on the same day for the sake of convenience. I want to see if it still works effectively or if somehow the clarifier and the sorbate somehow cancel each other out. The chai mead has a very bubbly, sweet taste to it, but somehow deep as well. We’ll see how it develops as I bottle it in the next few days.

Second, I racked the blueberry mead (got a vid, will post later)…it is tasting DEElicious. Got some off-tastes to it (typical for mead that is still in development), but the blueberry is present and not too strong, the mead is sweet but not too sweet. Got rid of almost all the cruft at the bottom during the rack. This is going to be some sweet mead. Stats:

  • Started 13 Jan 2011
  • Racked 13 Feb 2011 + 1oz blueberry flavoring + 1lb wildflower honey
  • Racked 10 Mar 2011

Various updates, pictures

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Two deliciously uneventful racks happened over the last couple weeks, both the chai mead #2 and the blueberry mead.

The Chai mead is very sweet and the chai doesn’t overpower it too much. Morgan doesn’t like the sweetness of it (and honestly, I think it is a bit too sweet as well), but it is still great. I like to have a variety and most of my meads turn out on the drier side anyway. The yeast makes a difference–this batch tastes remarkably similar (and has a similar sparkle) to the Orange-Cinnamon mead I made quite a long time ago. As of today (16 Feb) there is already a lot of clarifying going on. Stats for Chai #2:

  • Started: 21 December 2010chai mead #2
  • First Rack: 31 January 2011










Blueberry mead got 1oz of blueberry extract and about a pound of honey added to it to increase the sweetness a bit and the blueberriness some. There is a lot of cruft hanging around, but that is similar to the apple cider, I think. I will definitely be racking it out of the extra fibers and stuff on the next rack. Stats:

  • Started 13 Jan 2011blueberry mead
  • Racked 13 Feb 2011 + 1oz blueberry flavoring + 1lb wildflower honey



Chai Mead #2


So Morgan bought some fancy tea at the mall the other day, a looseleaf vanilla chai, and of course! The suggestion comes up to re-brew one of my favorite oldies, the Chai Mead.  The first one was really great, still have a few bottles on reserve, but it deserves a careful re-brew so here’s the recipe I’m following. I’m probably going to add a pound or two of honey to the secondary to make sure it gets sweet enough.  For the record:

  • 5 tsp Fermax yeast nutrient
  • 12 lbs (1 gal) local wildflower honey (thanks, Bee Well!)
  • 1/3 cup of vanilla chai looseleaf black tea
  • 1-2 tbsp of cardamom seeds (just because I like them)
  • 1 packet Wyeast 4184 “Sweet Mead”
  • Water up to 5 gal

Threw everything but the yeast into the bucket, stirred it up reall good (gets the water saturated with oxygen), then pitched the yeast.  Now we wait and see how it goes!