Racking Fall meads

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So those fall meads I made a couple weeks ago have stopped their excited run of fermentation so I decided to rack them. They were gunky and gross but both taste pretty good in their own way.

The pumpkin mead was very dry, but very robust. Spices were subtle, pumpkin was there just barely. I’m going to blame the dryness on the yeast energizer I put in at the beginning. I think it got to the maximum dryness/alcoholness quickly. That said, it’s a different (and better, too, I think) dryness than some of my earlier meads. Will need time to age. Stats:

  • Started: 16 October 2011
  • First rack: 9 November 2011

The Sweet Sweet Potato mead is very sweet, almost like frosting! Very well-balanced flavors, sweet potato is obviously there, spices are not too overdone. This mead will be fantastic. Stats:

  • Started: 16 October 2011
  • First rack: 9 November 2011

Oh and I got a video! For you meadia freaks, enjoy:

Racking peach mead video

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Just uploaded a video to youtube of the racking process for the two batches of peach mead. Enjoy the video!

Bottling process, blueberry

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So I took some video of the equipment I use and how I prepare for the bottling stage of the process. Check it out here:

Moreoever I got a good video of how the actual siphoning works and the hands-free process that I use to get the mead going. It’s pretty nifty all things considered:

The bottling was done on April 11th, so for the record here are the final stats for blueberry mead:

  • Started 13 Jan 2011
  • Racked 13 Feb 2011 + 1oz blueberry flavoring + 1lb wildflower honey
  • Racked 10 Mar 2011
  • Bottled 11 Apr 2011 + 1lb wildflower honey (dissolved in warm water first) (Potassium Sorbate was used to neutralize the yeast and gelatin-based clarifier)

Videos of the process

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With my friend’s help I started a couple batches on Tuesday night and actually shot some video on my super-old digital camera. 2004 old. Anyway, it’s a pretty comprehensive look at the different things I do to start a batch. No specific how-to or anything, but it does show off  the equipment I use and the ingredients that go into a batch. First vid with some general info:


Second vid with one batch just about finished, the other about to have the yeast pitched:

Photos of the new meadery

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So here’s some pictures of the new setup for brewing in my basement. More organized, less stuff sitting around taking up space, and more room to brew!





Here’s the new shelving, so I’ve moved all the brewing much closer to the sink. Still not sure about that fridge.











And here’s the whole horde of mead that I have stored for posterity and possible nuclear attack. Note the 55-gallon drum, currently empty (hopefully not for long!)






blueberry label




And last here are the labels designed by my younger sister who is pretty awesome. Going on the blueberry mead, which is soon to be bottled!


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Trying to include a video here from my youtube page featuring three meads. I’ll let it speak for itself:


And if that doesn’t work, link to it here.

Various updates, pictures

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Two deliciously uneventful racks happened over the last couple weeks, both the chai mead #2 and the blueberry mead.

The Chai mead is very sweet and the chai doesn’t overpower it too much. Morgan doesn’t like the sweetness of it (and honestly, I think it is a bit too sweet as well), but it is still great. I like to have a variety and most of my meads turn out on the drier side anyway. The yeast makes a difference–this batch tastes remarkably similar (and has a similar sparkle) to the Orange-Cinnamon mead I made quite a long time ago. As of today (16 Feb) there is already a lot of clarifying going on. Stats for Chai #2:

  • Started: 21 December 2010chai mead #2
  • First Rack: 31 January 2011










Blueberry mead got 1oz of blueberry extract and about a pound of honey added to it to increase the sweetness a bit and the blueberriness some. There is a lot of cruft hanging around, but that is similar to the apple cider, I think. I will definitely be racking it out of the extra fibers and stuff on the next rack. Stats:

  • Started 13 Jan 2011blueberry mead
  • Racked 13 Feb 2011 + 1oz blueberry flavoring + 1lb wildflower honey



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