For my own memory, and to help out others, potentially, here’s the breakdown of how many bottles I sanitize before I start the bottling step.  I like to have some beer bottles for when I want smaller quantities but a majority of wine bottles for gifts, looking fancy, and drinking larger quantities.

  • 5.5 gallons (about how much is left in the carboy after I make an approximately 6-gallon batch) = 704 fl oz
  • 24 bottles * 12 fl oz in each beer bottle = 288 fl oz
  • 704 – 288 = 416 fl oz left = 12.3 L
  • 12.3 L / .75 L in each wine bottle = 16.4 wine bottles

Final word: I clean 24 beer bottles and 16 wine bottles, usually leaving a few extra beer bottles.  This ratio works out fine anyway because the extra junk on the bottom doesn’t get bottled, and I always sample each batch at each step in the process.