So I racked the metheglin I started about a month ago…the airlock was bored and it seemed fermentation had stopped so I considered it good to go. I tasted it and passed it by my sister and a friend, who both approved. My friend immediately suggested “thyme in a bottle?” and on the spot I decided it was destined to be the name of this batch. It’s coming along nicely as always, well-fermented, tasty, and alcoholic. No doubt though that it tastes very strongly of thyme–not in an overbearing way, but it is distinct. No hinting at anything. Racked it today and avoided most of the yeast and spices so it should mellow out nicely over the next couple months. A good change from the other (sweeter, fruitier) meads I’ve brewed this summer. Stats:

  • Started: 14 July 2011
  • First rack: 15 Aug 2011