Aladdin mead

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So I’m giving you the best I can put together for a post about a special kind of mead I put together actually based on a recipe! It must have started in early June, so I’ll call it June 10th. I racked it a couple times and then bottled it. The recipe goes something like this:

  • Steep a spice bag with .1oz each: green cardamom, black cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, long pepper.
  • 10 lbs of honey
  • 46fl oz muscat juice concentrate
  • Add saffron to secondary (1 gram, and that’s still expensive)

So basically a lot of Islamic-inspired spices. I’m not happy with the strength of the spices–they were only steeped in a spice bag and that water was added to the primary. So I think it could have been stronger on all accounts, though you can always add more, you can never take it away. Stats, for what it’s worth, as accurately as possible:

  • Started 10 June 2012
  • Racked 27 November 2012
  • Bottled 4 February 2012


Long time! Lemon-Ginger re-born

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Stating the obvious it’s been a while since I’ve posted. For the record of the future, today is the day I started re-blogging my brews. The other posts that may come after/before this one are actually being FALSELY MARKETED into the past using wordpress’ time stamp tool.

Tuesday I started two batches of Lemon-Ginger mead, starting again an old recipe that I absolutely LOVE. The lemon adds just a slight bit of acidity (which helps the fermentation and the flavor) and the ginger gives just a slight “what was that?” kind of after taste. Neither one really over-powers the honey either, just complements it nicely. Recipe:

  • 1 gallon + 1 qt of honey (approximately 20lbs)
  • peel of 4 lemons, 1 whole lemon
  • 1.5oz fresh ginger, sliced
  • 1 tbsp of irish moss
  • 1 packet yeast (1 with D47, one with Pasteur Champagne yeast, same as original batch)

4 days in and they are both bubbling nicely. As a bonus! I added 1 tbsp of juniper berries to one, just to try something new. We’ll see how it goes; didn’t want to overpower it any.


TIME TRAVEL post 2/4/2013

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And the last time travel post, for February 4th of this year, I have a few things.

Bottled Aladdin (already logged on another post specifically for it)

Bottled 5 o’clock (again, I’m comfortable with batches of reliable recipes being started and processed without logging them individually)

Racked mole. This post I’m surprised with. I know the recipe for mole is pretty reliable at this point (used the same recipe as the first one) but I wish I had logged the first one. I still have this in a carboy as of the time of posting (hypothetically April 20th), about to be bottled.

TIME TRAVEL post 11/27/2012

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For this day, I have three notes, racked Aladdin (already posted elsewhere)

Racked cider. I started cider? it hadn’t been racked? alas. I have to assume it was taking a long time to clarify. At any rate, it is now racked.

Racked 5 o’clock. It is true, by this point I am starting and working through batches of plain mead and 5 o’clock mead without logging them. The recipe is the same, the steps are the same, so I’m not keeping close tabs on them. So far they’ve all turned out wonderful.

TIME TRAVEL post 09/20/2012

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Just two things on my casual note here:

Bottled plain mead. Reference my other time travel post to find out that there was some batch of plain mead that I started (who knows when), racked (on August 14th), and now have bottled.

Racked one strawberry. Who knows why one and not the other? One was probably still fermenting. At any rate, they will both be bottled SOON IN THE PAST.

TIME TRAVEL post: Aug 14

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I have travelled back in time to give you this post from what I should have done on August 14th. Lots of stuff I did:

Racked 5 o’clock mead. Note: I don’t know when this mead was started, because I stopped being diligent with my note-taking around this point. Anyway, it got racked.

Racked (something) onto blackberries and blueberries to get what I call, “Black and Blue”. Don’t know what the original batch was exactly, though it must have been a plain mead of some kind.

Racked plain mead of some kind.

Racked strawberry meads onto MORE HONEY. They were thin and needed some body, so I racked them onto some more honey. Seems to have worked, I think these two will age into something nice and refreshing. Not as strong/sweet/alcoholic as some of my other meads, but that’s okay. Often people find them too strong at first.

And I have one last note that just says “braggot”. Maybe I tried it and it was delicious? At any rate, it IS delicious and I love it now. Not fizzy bubbly like a beer but it does still get some bubbles and tastes exactly like you would imagine a honey/beer to taste.