Racked the blueberry mead and GOOD GRAVY it is delicious. My previous blueberry cyser is aging well but the taste of blueberry is not obvious enough–a friend who tasted it last Friday couldn’t even tell from an initial taste that it was supposed to be blueberry. But this current blueberry batch has gotten all the blueberry flavor it needs. The color is a dark purple and it tastes deeply of blueberries. I may try to get more local blueberries and do another batch of this before the summer is completely over. Stats:

  • Started: 14 June 2011
  • First rack: 7 Jul 2011 (onto 7lbs of blueberries, approximately 1gallon+1/2qt of blueberries)
  • Second rack: 11 Aug 2011 (off of blueberries)