Bottling process, blueberry

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So I took some video of the equipment I use and how I prepare for the bottling stage of the process. Check it out here:

Moreoever I got a good video of how the actual siphoning works and the hands-free process that I use to get the mead going. It’s pretty nifty all things considered:

The bottling was done on April 11th, so for the record here are the final stats for blueberry mead:

  • Started 13 Jan 2011
  • Racked 13 Feb 2011 + 1oz blueberry flavoring + 1lb wildflower honey
  • Racked 10 Mar 2011
  • Bottled 11 Apr 2011 + 1lb wildflower honey (dissolved in warm water first) (Potassium Sorbate was used to neutralize the yeast and gelatin-based clarifier)

Videos of the process

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With my friend’s help I started a couple batches on Tuesday night and actually shot some video on my super-old digital camera. 2004 old. Anyway, it’s a pretty comprehensive look at the different things I do to start a batch. No specific how-to or anything, but it does show off  the equipment I use and the ingredients that go into a batch. First vid with some general info:


Second vid with one batch just about finished, the other about to have the yeast pitched: